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Welcome to Lichfield District Council’s online Budget Planning Simulator

Together We... will design our budget and spending priorities for 2024/25 and beyond.

Lichfield District Council is, along with authorities across the country, facing the challenge of rising prices and increasing demands upon its services.

Our budget is finite, and we cannot do everything that is asked of us, so we want us to jointly make the decision about spending priorities.

Working together we can make the best decisions for the people and businesses of Lichfield District.

Like last year, we are asking you to have a go at balancing Lichfield District Council’s budget and show us your spending priorities, using a simple budget planning simulator.

  • Which services do you think we should protect?
  • Are there services you think we should reduce?
  • Are you happy with the current service provision?

Using the simulator is easy to use. Simply moving the slider across each service allows you to alter spending and see the consequences of your choices. You also have the opportunity to give us your comments and ideas. We will consider every single response.

This is YOUR opportunity to have your say – take the survey today!

The survey is simple to complete.  Move the sliders to see the impacts of spending cuts and see how you would balance the budget. 

We are looking to understand where you see the priorities for spending in the next financial year.  We have to make the available funds work in the best way.  This platform shows you how changes to spending impacts the services that we can deliver to support Lichfield District. 

Create your Budget